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September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Today I’m listening to Beirut, and even though I’m sitting at my desk in San Francisco, it feels like I’m at an Eastern European coffee shop. This band is amazing. Lead singer Zach Condon started Beirut as a solo project at the age of 20 (now 24) in Santa Fe New Mexico, yet his voice sounds like a man who has lived a long life in France. Even though he is from the states, his travels through Europe at 17 influenced his authentic and captivating Balkan folk sound.

“There are three ways I see music used in the modern world,” Condon says. “One is for thinkers: They approach it analytically. Then there are people who use music to get a raw attitude out. And then there are people who are simply looking for beauty, for the sentimentality that good music has.”

At my grandma’s house I grew up listening to Julio Iglesias. I remember it as sort of in the background to whatever I was doing, drawing, writing, being a child. I also remember thinking his songs were sad and beautiful at the same time. Today, another same powerful and emotional voice with instruments from another time and world are still so beautiful. Cheers, grandma! You would like Beirut too.

Postcards from Italy

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