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Almost 30. That means something and nothing all at the same time. I have always wanted to be a photographer and a writer. The former, achieved. “A writer”….I’m lost somewhere in the prologue, with frequent bursts of creative stories that always land in my journal but I may never tell.

I have restless creative ambition. My favorite phrase is “new, innovative and fresh.” 

The more complex and fast my life becomes, the more I seek the beauty in details only apparent when slowing down to experience a finite moment in time.

I use photography to express the human elements of life: people, emotion and relationships. Much of my work focuses on people because I believe there is an emotional affinity to us all; emotion is our connection.  My view is that we are not separate and independent, but truly similar and united.  While our culture glorifies separation and individuation, I see these instead as illusions that perpetuate destructive emotions like hatred, jealousy, and conceit.  For this reason, I enjoy photographing images that endorse love and joy.  I want to further images that are a true reflection of humanity simply being; images that unify you and me.  I see me in you.  I see you in me.  We are one.

A smart man once said: To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one. In other words, lay aside everything you think you know, suspend your reflex to impose your beliefs on every situation you encounter, and behold the world exactly as it is. If you do it right, you’ll experience pleasure beyond measure. More than that, you’ll change everything you see into a more beautiful version of itself.

Yes, I agree.







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